Here is the doc for creating your own characters world in the Traveller campaign, the planets below are used as an example, to show you what you need to create one and put it here. For most of the generation, you can go here (this has all the tables and shit). You can either pick what you like, or roll on the tables. You will not be naming the system, leave that to me.

The UWP (Universal World Profile) is a hexidecimal code telling things about your planet, it goes in this order: Starport quality, size, atmosphere type, hydrographic percentage, population, government type, law level, (hyphen), tech level. The digits are noted next to the corresponding values on the tables. You can determine this in one of three ways: 1. Roll on the tables, take what you get. 2. Pick what you want. 3. Use the classification (trade code) table to determine the type of planet (up to two classifications), and then build it from that.

Naming conventions: For TIGA worlds, do as it shows in the example, use a name (preferably Kepple, but I won’t keep you to that) followed by a numbered denomination (usually a three number sequence followed by a hyphen and then a letter). Then, in parentheses after this, you can put a colloquial name. This is often the name the former race that lived there used, which should follow the appropriate naming conventions. For Sproxian worlds, you use a mash up of Latin and German words (I often use words that describe the planet, but that is up to you), with an emphasis on the Latin sound. For Zwerg worlds, you use the same conventions as Sproxians, but with an emphasis on the German sounds.

Notes should cover anything special about the world, if you want to talk about leaders, notable figures, landmarks, culture, etc. that’s great. I may have to change and adapt it to fit the world, but I will keep it as close to you put it as possible. Also, please include your name somehow at the end of your notes.

Zone is either none, Amber, or Red. Amber means dangerous, Red means quarantined, out-of-bounds. A place no one is supposed to go.

Name: Kepple 254-B (Salcael)
System: Ignis-Fliege
UWP: B966943-12 Ga
Classification: Garden
Zone: none.
Notes: Your organization is based here. The system this planet is in is on the edge of the core TIGA systems, and is just on the edge of their jurisdiction. Thus, this system (and planet) is pretty lawless.

Name: Kriesolum
System: Drachendi
UWP: C6528A0-14 Hi
Classification: High Technology
Zone: Red
Notes: A Sproxian planet, torn by war. The Sproxian order and the planets dictator are engaging in a decades-long battle, due to differences in opinion over the use of android tech, among other things.

Name: Lief 734-F (Bergunt)
System: Obscurus-Aether
UWP: B886A88-10 Hp In
Classification: High Population, Industrial
Zone: none
Notes: An Earth-like planet with a soupier atmosphere located in the nebula ridden Obscurus system. The areas of land are primarily mountains or plateaus, the high elevation thinning the atmosphere to human comfortable levels. A jewel of the sector for its technological advancements and social/political stability. Has one naval base on its only moon and one on a platform on the north pole. A Consulate base operates as the main customs for the planet and sub-system. Two research bases work away, looking for ways to clear out the nebulae. (Thomas)

Name: Lief 612-H (letunluft)
System: Obscurus-Aether
UWP:AACA8D9-14 Ht, Ww, Fo
Classification: high tech, water world, fluid ocean
Notes:A gas giant and deadliest planet when only considering what the planet has to offer. Sea is acid and air is so corrosive only the most technologically savvy and insane could survive. Over time they grew into a heretic group of tech worshipping nutters, however they are perhaps centuries past other human worlds in their advancements.

Name: Lief 317-L (geldenterra)
System: Obscurus-Aether
UWP:B574546-9 Ag
Notes: A fairly backwater planet with areas terraformed to make for optimal farmland. The populous are for the most part have access to our era levels of tech, while the mercantile class whom live in the sole cosmopolitan center of the world (the starport) reach the tech level 9 stuff.

Name: Kepple 746-T (Imperian majoris)
System: Obscurus-Aether
UWP: B854CB8-11Hp
Classification: High population.
Notes:The center of Tiga power and the most loyal planet in the system. A military powerhouse, having a multitude of moons that act as drydocks for capital spacecraft and a muster point of fleets in the system. Many civilian ports exist here for more free trade than on the surface where the government is far more restrictive. Holds scores of Tiga political bases and data, alongside a natural gathering point for merchants due to the constant presence of government vessels spooking off pirates.

Name: Lief 001-Z(unnamed due to it being an unpopulated tiny ass rock)
System: Obscurus-Aether
UWP:X212000-0 Ba Ic Po
Classification: Barren, ice capped, poor
Notes: A small dwarf planet, much akin to the dwarf planet Pluto, far from the main star and covered in ice. This small ball of rock is only just large enough and has the semblance of an atmosphere to not be considered an asteroid. Who knows what lies on this near forgotten world (nothing living, because the place has almost no air or…anything)

Name: Kepple 027-E (Odroth Prime)
System: Odroth System
UWP: A764A38-13
Classification: Garden, High Technology
Zone: none
Notes: An earth-like planet, with a wet and rainy climate. The planet is mostly covered in water with several small continents and large islands. The planetary government is mostly stable, however political stability fluctuates, with Oligarchs vying for power often using less than honorable means to deal with opponents. There are several moons orbiting the planet and several large rings and asteroid belts (created during a civil war decades before between two ruling powers. One deciding to destroy a moon with WMDs). Several of these moons are habitable, one of which is the site of a Naval Base and Naval Supply depot. A consulate is present in the capital city. Pirate activity on the outskirts of the system is common, with privateers, hired by powerful individuals to target spacecraft and trade of their opponents. This is largely unopposed by the Navy, who’’s fleet admirals either have been bribed and paid off to do nothing or are actively engaged in “piracy” by seizing ships under false pretenses.

Name: Kepple 028-E (Yusloth)
System: Odroth

Name: Kepple 952-C (Raleichen)
System: Anlagelle
UWP: C7415233
Zone: None
Classification: Poor, non-industrial
Notes: This planet is of average size, gravity, and population. The air is thin and tainted. It is a dry planet with little vegetation, and most landforms are made up of rocky hills, sand, and the occasional exotic desert-like plant. The population runs itself for the most part with a participating democracy, but there is another faction on the outskirts. However this faction is obscure and has very few supporters. It is a rather unassuming planet overall, and majority of the population are pretty poor, but the inhabitants of this planet are resilient and resourceful. The world’s main source of income comes from mining natural minerals and the few land resources available. The star ports are of a decent size as these natural minerals/resources are traded with other planets, and most goods are imported.

System: Abalegge
Zone: None
Classification: High technology, industrial, garden.
Notes: Governed by a hierarchy of extremely wealthy and influential individuals, this planet relies heavily on the siphoning of resources from the many smaller, outlying planets close by. The population of these planets is very poor and exchanges their labour for the provision of basic living necessities from the government, as the climate in these outlying planets is harsh and unforgiving to humans. For the poor division of the population (the vast majority) nearly all communications and contact have been cut off from the outside world; the government is very careful to censor information and to restrict access when travelling in between planets. The planet itself is similar to Earth and ideal for human life.


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