The Tiberium

Total galactic domination or bust! TANSTAAFL!
Colors: dark blue and silver.

Goal of the Organization: Stop the two government factions from taking control, take control ourselves.

Ideals: Fascism primarily, possibly capitalism as a lower priority ideal.

Goal of Leonel: A megalomaniacal ex-military officer and aspiring politician who’s one goal is to takeover the Galaxy as its sole ruler. After seeing the ineffectiveness and bickering amongst the factions in the TIGA he sees a sole ruler as the only way to protect the people and keep the governing body intact and ready against any foreign invaders. He will depose and/or kill anyone in his way, be it friend or foe. While he is not opposed to eliminating his foes in one fell swoop, he relishes in humiliating them even more.
Goal of Elliot: A cunning and dangerous fighter, she fights for her own personal goal. To destroy both of the factions that tormented her life since the day she was born. Over her years as a pirate and an enforcer she’s gained a string of supporters, contacts, and enemies. Through trickery, subtlety, lies, and deceit, she works on forging and disciplining her troops to take down that which has caused her and many others such misery. Keen on assassinations and duels, she keeps to the shadows until emerging to cleave her foes in two with her mighty blade. Anyone who knows her name and her identity know it at a price. For if they reveal anything, their life is forfeit. (Also, motorcycles. And cool coats.)
Goal of Abby: Steal all the green skittles. Conquer the skittles.
Goal of Thomas: A bitter Officer wrongfully charged with desertion and forced to flee execution at the hands of her former commander. Resentful towards the TIGA for its ineffective and mismanaged armies, she wishes to become a general who can show these fools how war is waged across worlds, and across the stars. Having only the most piecemeal of piecemeal forces of troops from their units that the three officers managed to sway to their ideals, she will build up an army to end all galaxy conquering armies.
Goal of Michelle: Initially roped in to make a living as a smuggler. Adrenaline junky. Doesn’t really know about the goals of the higher-ups, but understands the goal of the organization. Kind of wants to prevent either gov from taking over, but mostly just likes the thrill of being an agent.
Goal of Oskar: To escape the Sproxian bounty hunters chasing him, and to have food to eat and a roof over his head doing what he loves: studying and putting into practice the anatomy and life sciences of xenological species. Acquire Pie.

Divisions: Political, Economic, Military/Intelligence

Political: Managed by the big three – Leonel and his underlings – cough – I mean equals, Abby and Elliot. As Tiberius is rather shadowy, our politics are unknown to most outsiders, although some have heard of us. Political ideals/stances/motivations: ………boring

Economic: Legal trading, illegal smuggling and black market, investments in new technology development………boring

Military/Intelligence: Military in the Tiberium is a small, trained force. Focusing on cloak and dagger attacks to aid in the struggle for increased economic and political power. Assassinations, infiltrations, kidnapping, interrogations, wetwork. Although plans of a larger military force have been set, the funds and manpower do not yet exist for the time being. However one day the Military might of the Tiberium will be uncontested.

The Tiberium

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