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Now Playing: Audio Log 114
Title:”The Drifter”
Alex – Lynndale:
The station was crowded, It’s steel walkways bustling with groups of individuals of varying shapes and sizes. Sproxians, Zwerg, humans, all attending to business of their own. The halls were in pristine condition, and a large assortment of shops and merchants dotted the centers of each walkway. The ceiling was made of reinforced glass, allowing the infinity of space to be viewed up above, each star a sparkling light in the abyss. It was here where I met the odd drifter, Lyndale. After tracking his movements for about a week, I had finally decided confront him. For I had heard many things about this individual. Many… Promising things. Walking briskly down the main walkway, my eyes scanned the area intently through my dark helmet. At last, they came across the face of the familiar figure. He stood about a few meters away, reading a map of the station. His hair was long and unkempt, slightly hanging down onto his face. On his skinny legs he wore a pair of stark black pants, thin and greying. Covering his torso was a dark brown leather coat. It was worn from years of wear, fraying and rubbing off in small sections. He finished browsing the map a moment later, and took off to his left. I stalked him, keeping pace behind him as he made his way towards a nearby bar. Beyond the sliding door the place was empty, filled with lingering smoke drifting lazily through the air. He made his way to the front, taking a seat on one of the stools near the low grey counter. After waiting for a brief moment I entered and took a seat a few stools away. The man had ordered a drink from the lone bartender, and was just about to take a drink of the brown liquid. Clearing my throat, I looked over at the smuggler, stating in my low, mechanically disguised voice, “You are here to deliver a shipment of performance enhancing drugs to a supposed TIGA contact who goes by the code name ‘skinny pete’,” I stared at him intently, “Are you not?” He took a long sip, grimacing at the flavor. “Usually there’s more discretion that goes down in trades like this,” he said, his eyes lighting up. I chuckled darkly, raising my hand into the air. “Seeing as we’re the only two here, I see no reason to worry.” With a quick snap of my gloved hand, the bartender left us alone in the dimly lit room. The smugglers eyes followed the bartender as he left, and he whistled softly, “Fancy…”. Lowering my arm, I said, “I don’t need that bag of performance enhancers. However, you will be compensated.” He lifted a little brown bag up into the air and asked suspiciously, “Why did you order me to get these then?” I cocked my head slightly, and after a brief pause I said softly, “I didn’t order you to get those. So you can just assume skinny pete had an unfortunate accident.” He eyed me curiously, and asked nervously, “Then why am I here?” “I’ve heard you have a very particular set of skills. Skills that are very useful for… Unlawful activity.” He squared his shoulders, turning to look at me more fully. He regarded me cautiously, but said nothing. “I’ve been watching you for some time now,” I said, “And what I’ve heard has been impressive to say the least. So would you care to assist me in a grand heist? Or would you consider yourself unfit for the position I’m offering?” His lips twitched slightly as he took another swig from his drink, before remembering, once again, the taste. He looked at it sourly and set the glass back down on the counter. “Well, as long as it pays, I’m listening.” From the other side of the door came the muffled voices of passerby, which caused me to jump in my seat. Standing up straight and tall, I threw down a small audio recording device from the depths of my long black coat. “There’s all the information you need. I cannot stay here long, but here, let this be some motivation.” Reaching into my coat once again, I threw a thick wad of credits onto the blank counter. I had surprised him, I could tell from the way his eyes widened at the sight. After a quick glance at the door, he he swept the recording device and the cash off the counter. “Will there be a way to contact you?” I glanced over my shoulder at him, from behind the hilt of my enormous blade. “Do not search for me. Do exactly as the recording tells you, and all of my contacts will help you along the way. We shall meet when you have the item in your possession.” He seemed a little uneasy at my request, but nodded nonetheless. We began to walk off in our separate directions, but right before he was out of earshot, I added menacingly, “If you do in fact try to find me, let’s just say that you’d share the same fate as our friend skinny pete. So long, scavenger.” And with a tiny wave, I left through the back door of the bar and out of sight.

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Now Playing: Audio Log 125
Title:”God’s Domain”
Alex – Malin:
The home of the scientist was dark when I arrived. Flipping on the dim light, I beheld a disturbing scene. The whitewashed walls were dingy and peeling, and stationed around the room were countless silver cages. In each barred compartment, dead animals lay rotting, each life taken by a different ailment. Limbs missing, brains exploding, internal hemorrhaging… It appeared I had found the correct house. Turning the light back off, I hid behind the door in wait. Right on queue the door swung open, and in walked a relatively short man, his shoulders and back hunched over awkwardly. As he shut the door behind him, he flipped on the light and proceeded to inspect a row of cages. “Success… Success… Success…” He whispered to himself, a completely apathetic emotion painted on his face. Taking a loud step forward, the scientist wheeled around at the noise, terrified. “Malin,” my disguised voice growled, “You are the one responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions of unborn sproxian infants. Correct?” He backed against a wall, his eyes wild. I smirked at his fear underneath my helmet, and said, “If I didn’t need your help, I’d strike you down where you stand, monster. But all that aside,” I gestured to the briefcase by my side, “Would you be up for a job? A simple concoction for you, I’m sure.” Malin finally spoke up, stuttering, “Y-you’re not a sproxian, are you?” With one swift motion my helmet retracted into my coats neck area, revealing my obvious human features. He stared in slack jawed awe for a second, but quickly regained his fairly neutral expression after seeing my face. “How much is it paying?” I tossed him the briefcase, and to his surprise it was filled to the brim with credits. Closing it again, he looked up at me with distrust in his eye. “What do you need?” He asked softly, “Something to destroy the brain? I have plenty of those… Or maybe one to render them paralyzed until they starve…” My face twisted up in disgust, but I gave him my quick specifications. He almost seemed to enjoy the description. “So untraceable, quick, and lethal, yes? I’ll have it done in a few hours.” I glowered at him, and I spent the next two hours watching him mix and synthesize chemicals with ease, his unblinking eyes alight with a strange childish glee. Holding a small tube filled with transparent liquid up to my face, Malin said simply, “There. Will you please leave now?” I stared into the clear glass vial, my own warped reflection staring back. Truly, I didn’t envy the person who was going to ingest this, but it was for the greater good. Snatching it from his limp grasp I pocketed the vial and made for the door. Right before I left, I added, “This isn’t over Malin. I promise you, I’ll be back.” And so I went, slamming the door and leaving the wide eyed scientist to dabble in his twisted art.

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Now Playing: Audio Log 001
Title:”Political Ties”
Alex – Markus/Päivä/Sarene:

My meeting with Markus was an odd one. It wasn’t under… Ideal conditions per say, but it was this meeting that introduced me to the Tiberius. Without further ado:

Mind numbing alarms blared in the steel hallways all around me, bathing the hallways in flashing red lights and announcing my presence to the entirety of the mountain base. I moved quickly and quietly through the noisy corridors, keeping to the edges of each hallway. Already found out, I thought cursing softly, great. All I had to do was locate the target and eliminate him as fast as possible, then I could leave this noisy hell hole. Surprisingly, the hallways were empty, and most of them lead to areas that were still under construction. At last, I came to a promising set of enormous double doors. Stepping forward, they opened automatically to reveal a gargantuan empty space within. I entered cautiously, surveying the area with my tactical visor. There were three figures at the end of the room, a man in a pinstripe suit, a woman in a blue dress, and a woman in full combat attire. Her hair was shaved on one side, revealing the tattoo 11-FX on the side of her scalp, while the more dainty ladies long brown hair fell around her shoulders. The man was of medium stature, his smooth dark hair combed up in front to form a black ridge. He was my target, Markus. The man smiled warmly, and opened his arms to welcome me. “Alex Rowe!” He exclaimed, “I’m glad to see you could make it.” With a sigh, I drew my enormous broadsword off my back and pointed it at his head. “I don’t have time to talk to a dead man,” I said, breaking into a sprint, my sword’s edges igniting into bright red light. To my surprise the woman in combat gear rushed at me, her face stoic and blank. With a mighty roar I brought my sword upwards towards her waist, aiming to tear her asunder. Taking her gun from her back she blocked my strike expertly using the gun’s barrel as a shield. Both of our weapons clattered to the floor from the brunt of the bone-jarring impact, sending orange sparks wheeling in every direction. Without pause I took a swing at the woman’s head using my gloved hand and she instantly returned the favor. Both punches landed on the head of their opponent, causing both of us to jump backwards in retreat. I raised a hand to the side where I had been punched. A mighty blow, almost as strong as my own. Whoever this woman was she wasn’t to be taken lightly. “You’re no stranger to battle I see,” I spat, pacing around her with my fists raised. She glared back and hissed, “You know nothing of battle.” Just as we were about to go at it again, Markus ran in between us shouting, “That’s quite enough, Päivä! I told you to test her skills, not get you both killed.” I was totally confused, but I decided to take my opportunity by the throat. I grabbed Markus by the neck and drew my hidden revolver from my coat, holding it to his head. The woman in the dress gasped, putting her hands up to her cheeks. “Okay,” I growled, lowering my helmet, “Before I kill you, I want to know just what’s going on here.” Päivä began to run at me when Markus again said, “Päivä! Stop that at once!” She stopped in place, gritting her teeth and casting me a hateful look. “As you know already,” Markus wheezed, my arm crushing his windpipe, “My name is Markus. I see hiring you… Was a good idea after all.” My grip loosened slightly, and in disbelief I sputtered, “Hired-?!” He nodded quickly, “Yes indeed, I hired you to kill me so we could meet face to face.” I let him go, keeping the revolver aimed at his head. “And why is that?” I said, eyeing him suspiciously. Markus rubbed his neck, uttering, “I did not think you would be so rough… Ahem, anyways, it’s because I need your skills Alex. There’s a little project I’ve been working on, and I believe our goals would both be achieved. I call it the Tiberius Project. In fact, you’re standing in Tiberius HQ right now!” I looked around at the empty space, it’s shining walls and floors giving off an air of power. Again, he smiled and said, “Judging by all your attacks on TIGA officials and authorities I’d say you have it out for them. But don’t worry, I won’t ask why.” Lowering my gun slightly, I motioned for him to speak faster. “We’re going to overthrow their power here,” he said, his arms outspread, “And start our own regime! I’d say that’s enough information for someone with a vendetta as mighty as yours.” At the thought of finally disposing of the TIGA… Exposing their lies, their darkest secrets, bringing them to ruin. But most of all, getting my vengeance. It truly was an all too attractive prospect. I pocketed the revolver and picked up my blade off the floor. “This had better not be a trick,” I said with venom, sheathing my sword, “But hell, why not. I’m in.” He clapped his hands together and exclaimed, “Perfect! Sarene here will brief you on our first mission, but we first need to recruit a few more special operatives-” I interjected suddenly, throwing up my helmet once again. “Don’t worry about it,” I said in my deep voice, walking back out the double doors, “I’ll find some. I mean, how hard can it be to find lowlifes around here?”



N0w P/ay15g: Aud10 L0g UNKNOWN
Hello, whoever may be listening to this. This is an explanation of the audio log program, in its entirety. Enclosed in this database are all the hundreds of accounts in which I encountered the other members of Tiberius high command. This will help me and the other high command members discern the strengths and weaknesses in case one of them is to go rogue, or worst case scenario, I myself am to go against the cause. In order to run this program the others elected that I must disclose my past in order for this to be fair. Despite that, I’m still going to hide this under layers upon layers of encryptions, firewalls, blah blah blah. So… 1 gu355 her3 go8s n0thi66472998563811763718775622846561117864528-



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